so i’ve had The Sims 4 CAS demo since the first time it came out! ( off of origin. the time only people who had origin could get it and everyone was so mad and went into outrage about it! ) and ive been saving up for THE best copy of the game ( + extras it comes with ) since Christmas! ( yes! ive been waiting THAT long! longer actually. since the day it was announced but ive got  $$$ on Christmas ) so THE day it comes out im driving to target to go and buy it!! 

so. two simple questions:

A. does anyone know if you have to pre order The sims 4 premium edition ( the $80 one ) to get in the store?                 and

B.how do you take screenshots of The sims 4??ive tried everything! even the print screen button then pasting into paint! nothing shows up! please help!! ( im using a black Dell laptop! )?

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  1. nightmarecandle answered: Can’t help with the buying it because idc enough to pay myself, but get Fraps. Fraps > in-game cameras and printscreen.
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    I would preorder the premium edition just in case, because it might be the only time you can get it. And to take...
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